Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Two of Hearts

We have two bleeding hearts. Political implications aside, we've got issues. Last year, the Mister's Aunt kindly divvied up her Bleeding Heart for us along with Star of Bethlehem and some sort of mini Daisy. After transplanting, the Daisy flourished, the Star of Bethlehem wilted away and the Bleeding Heart produced one blossom. No, not one cascade of blossoms. I mean one, single bleeding heart.

This year I was encouraged to see the Star of Bethlehem's distinctive grassy foliage up early. This was followed closely by the Bleeding Heart which literally sprang up, reaching 5" tall seemingly overnight. I've seen neither hide nor hair of the Daisy. Meanwhile the Star of Bethlehem has lost all momentum. That grassy foliage is just lolling about now, showing no inclination towards producing anything resembling a bloom. And the Bleeding Heart has also petered out a bit. The leaves look a little, I don't know, feeble. Then today I saw this. . .

Two bleeding hearts. I realize gardening is a great teacher of patience. However, this is pretty extreme. Incidentally, these plants are alongside the bloom-phobic Irises of my last post. Again, I'm thinking too much nitrogen. Hence the initially healthy foliage. This is a pretty sunny spot, however all three plants do spend part of the day in shadow. Perhaps I should move them. If so, then when? Can I move them now, or is it better to wait until their blooming (and I’m using the term lightly) season is through?


ElizabethGardens... said...

Hi Seedling, Yes, of course you can add my blog to your list. I'd be honored. Good luck with the Bleeding Heart, my mother-n-law has given me that plant at least 4 times and it always dies. But, I think I'm going to try it again under my Norway Maple. Hey, that's half the fun of gardening! Thanks for visiting my site! Elizabeth

seedling said...

Hi Elizabeth
Thanks for the encouragement. And I wish you luck with your Bleeding Heart-- I'll be curious to learn how it works out. Stop by again!