Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Back Forty: an update

The squash didn't make it after all. Not sure if the exhaust from our dryer did them in. Or if it was a lack of female plants. Or if I indeed overpacked the plot. Will try again next year after having rigged something to divert the exhaust elsewhere. If I had more space, I'd line dry. But I'm using the term "back forty" very loosely here.

With that being said, we've done quite well with our tomatoes.

This was our first harvest, enjoyed about a month ago. We've got plenty still on the vine, however the weather has not been conducive to ripening, so we'll see. Once I'm sure the tomatoes are done for good, I'll pull them out and replace them with some seedlings I've started for fall: beets, spinach, turnip and radicchio. No idea if this is going to work, but I figured the experiment was well worth the $10 seed investment.


farmgirl said...

Your tomatoes are gorgeous. Well done! I say definitely put those little fall crop seedlings into the ground. Even if they don't get a chance to mature, you can enjoy delicious (and so nutritious) baby leaves from the beets and turnips in salads. I'm harvesting mine now and they are such a treat.

I knew an urban gardener once who told me she was letting "the back forty" lay fallow for the season--the back forty inches! : )

contrary1 said...

Love your blog.......I read In My Kitchen Garden & she mentioned you.

I'm jealous of your tomato crop; even tho I've gardened for years, I am going through a tomato difficulty lately. I get a few and then hit a plateau where they just don't produce.

I'll be visiting again!!! Anxious to see your garden progress.