Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The cruelest month?

And so it begins. . .

The crocus and daffodils are up. . .

And the first of our seeds are in.

We're planting a variety of lettuce... May Queen, Rouge d'Hiver, Speckled, plus some spinach and swiss chard. Ideally we would have liked to have gotten the seeds in a week or so ago, but as usual we're behind schedule. This year is different, though. I'm home with our baby so my gardening time is no longer relegated to the weekends and whatever I can accomplish racing against the sun post commute. However, now I find myself racing to make the most of an unpredictable nap schedule so whether I actually achieve more gardening remains to be seen. So this afternoon did not find me lovingly placing each seed in its cozy waiting hole, but instead scattering them willy nilly. Though quicker now, I do realize that this will be more time consuming in the end as I'll have to thin everything out. But I'll deal with it then which has been my approach with most things as of late. Meanwhile I've got the promise of May salads to keep me going.

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