Monday, September 01, 2008

Morning, Glory

Since the Mister and I rented our first apartment together, I've always loved this plant. The apartment was in a rather dumpy location– complete with bus depot and train tracks out back. But along this one wire fence someone, most likely years before, had planted Morning Glory. And I was smitten. Being a morning person myself, I admired a plant that got the major part of its work done in the AM.

It was more than 10 years later before I had my own house and yard. And one of the first things I was determined to do was plant Morning Glory, though many advised against it. It will take over the place, they warned. And it has. It's been two seasons since I've even bothered putting seed down. This year one window box has been completely engulfed by the stuff. But it's the end of the season. Not much else is blooming or looking very pretty so I'm glad I have my Morning Glory.


Anonymous said...

Hi, enjoyed your comments about morning glory vines and flowers. I have a question, Have you ever seen a "green mushroom"? I was outside last evening and found 2 growing in my flower bed. Please post on your blog and let me know. I took pictures last evening and again this morning when they were fully open. If you like, I can post them also. Thanks, Another Gardener

Seedling said...


Thanks for coming by. We get all kinds of mushrooms here, but I can't say I've ever seen a green one.

virtualfarmseed said...

Hello,This is the true beauty of the nature .