Thursday, May 17, 2007

Backyard Salad

I present to you our first home-grown salad of the season. We can't vouch for the dash of olive oil or squeeze of lemon. But we can take full credit for the greens: mesclun and turnip tops. We're hoping to harvest a few more bowlfuls including some spinach, radicchio and beet greens before we have to make room for the tomatoes. Unfortunately space is our biggest restraint; we're only able to dedicate a mere 2' x 14' bed to this endeavor. Even still, I'll take a few weeks worth of home-grown salad over grass any day.


Anthony said...

Oh come on! You mean you didn't press your own olives to make that olive oil? :)

Great looking salad. I just picked my first brocolli rabe last night. My first salad will probably be tonight.

Ladyseashells said...

You're way ahead of us.. I just planted my lettuce and tomatoes and you're already enjoying yours. Good for you! My veggie bed is not getting much sunshine anymore, because of our huge cherry tree in the middle of the yard. So this year Im experimenting planting them in containers. I hope they do well.

Marc Goldstein said...

Our lettuce and spinach is just coming up, so unless we are eating infant greens, it will be a few more weeks for us. Hopeing to keep the animals at bay long enough to get a harvest out of it. Looks like chicken wire around the raised beds tomorrow. Looks great, congrats on the success.

PS One bed was planted in the Mister's style (scattershot) and one in the Mrs. style (polite rows, thank you very much.)

Michelle said...

YUM!! Looks delish! :)

seedling said...

I'd love to hear about that brocolli rabe. That's a favorite of mine.

I hear that container tomatoes do quite well. Good luck!

Sounds like you do have the varmit problem under control now. Hopefully you were able to salvage some salad.

Thanks Michelle! It was quite good if I don't say so myself.