Sunday, May 06, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

A Star is Born

This star of Bethlehem plant was given to me 2 years ago by the Mister's aunt. She's an avid gardener and has been kind enough to share her plants with us over the course of our relatively short gardening career. I could never get this one to bloom. Return it did last year, but blossom it did not. This year it was moved to make way for a new oak leaf hydrangea. Well, it seems that made all the difference.

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Sara said...

I love receiving plants from friends and family. This lovely plant is now obviously happy in it's new spot.
Sara from farmingfriends in the UK

seedling said...

Thanks for stopping by. I've been trying to overcome my fear of moving plants. There's a part of me that still thinks I will cause it some injury. But as this experience taught, more often than not the plant is the better for it.