Friday, July 13, 2007

Dahlias for Dummies

Last October I dutifully dug up our dahlia tubers with the intention of wintering them over in our basement. I wasn't sure this would work. For one thing, I had started these particular dahlias from seed. My knowledge of botany is scant at best, so I was having a hard time imagining how a plant I generated from a seed ultimately develops a tuber. But when the time came, I dug them up and was happy to see that in the end, I had tubers.

So what remained to be seen was that if I wintered them over would I, in the end, have dahlias again.

There was much I could have done to see to the success of my dahlias– powders and treatments I could have used to prevent rot and mildew, etc. But once they went in the basement, I promptly forgot about them.

Fortunately, come the spring, I remembered them again. The tubers looked a little dessicated, but for the most part, none the worse for wear. A few were sprouting even. So I planted them and hoped for the best.

And I'm happy to report that my blooms are taller, fuller and more plentiful than they were last year. I'll definitely be digging up those tubers again. And I might even work a little harder at ensuring their comfort through their long winter in the basement.


Maggie said...

Dahlia's are amazing flowers aren't they?? I dug mine up last year, put them in brown paper bags and like you, promptly forgot about them. In the spring I planted them. Two months missed. They had sprouted, in the bag, in the dark ~shaking my head. I planted those as well and hope to for many years to come! :)

seedling said...

Dahlias are definitely a plant that keeps giving. I had no idea!
Thanks, Maggie.