Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring Cleaning

This weekend we made a big push to get the garden in order. It's always this particular time in May that sees us scrambling to get everything potted up or in the ground. Calendar-wise our town's garden club plant sale always takes place in the days leading up to Mother's Day. It's a good cause and they've always got a great selection– it's hard not to do some damage. So I always return with a trunk full of green things in need of a home in my already over-stuffed garden. This year I picked up some hosta (the Mister is so pleased after last year's debacle trying to grow it from seed,) a sedum, some lavender, various herbs and veggies, and some portulaca, cosmos and oxalis for our window boxes. This is the first year I feel somewhat confident about my window box selections. For the first time I've made my choices based on my own personal experience rather than gut. Finally I've actually got some experience to draw upon!

To further complicate things, by this time of year the greenhouse inevitably becomes less hospitable. White fly takes over. Making the trip to check in and water is a hassle. Everything is leggy, overgrown and ready to come home. So all the coleus I'd been wintering over is home again as well. Slowly we're beginning to find some order.

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